The Hornet introduces Mayan Movie Mondays

The area around Broadway as it heads into SoBo is booming, what with El Diablo joining a mix that already includes Deluxe and Delite, Karma, Sweet Action and Beatrice & Woodsley. And it will just become busier next year when Robert Thompson of Argyll opens Punch Bowl, his bowling alley/diner-style restaurant in the now-vacant Big Lots.

But all of this new activity is no reason to forget an old friend: The Hornet is now the most venerable restaurant along this strip (two decades ago, it took over the home of the legendary Mary & Lou's), but it's still up to new tricks, including "Mayan Movie Mondays." For every $20 you spend at the Hornet on Monday, you now get a free ticket to the nearby Mayan movie theater, good Monday through Thursday.

The deal was just introduced last Monday, and according to manager Sean Workman, the Hornet gave away almost $150 worth of movie tickets that day. The deal applies to both food and drink tabs, even tax. "We wanted to keep it simple," he explains.

(Fair warning: Although the Hornet's website still has the movie-ticket deal tied to a $15 tab, Workman assures us it's one ticket per twenty bucks in sales.)

The Hornet is working on some other deals, too, including a customer-loyalty lunch ticket, but Mayan Movie Mondays is definitely here to stay, Workman says. And here's a good way to work your way up to that twenty bucks: $4.50 Corazon margaritas and $3.50 Dos Equis drafts, another Monday special.

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