The iconic Paris on the Platte catches fire

Platte Street is becoming a hot restaurant neighborhood -- too hot last night, when a fire broke out on the roof of the Paris on the Platte bar. But one of the benefits of a hot neighborhood is neighbors: They spotted the blaze, and called the fire department. And the fire was put out quickly enough that the 27-year-old Paris on the Platte cafe is open for business this morning. See also: Ooh, la la! How Paris on the Platte became the "rive gauche" of Denver

"My staff smelled smoke, but thought it was from a barbecue down the street," Paris on the Platte founder/owner Faye Maguire reports. "Neighbors from across the street called to say our roof was on fire. The fire department was there right away, so everything was quickly contained."

And a good thing, too: Paris on the Platte is the oldest business on this block and, along with My Brother's Bar across 15th Street, really gives the neighborhood its heart and soul.

While Maguire says it's "business as usual" this morning at the venerable coffeehouse, the barroom addition will be closed for now.

We'll keep you posted on the bar's status as well as other developments along hot, hot Platte Street.

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