The Inventing Room Does Pop-Up Doughnuts 4.0 at Sunnyside Burger Bar

Ian Kleinman is back at it, applying his molecular magic to another batch of breakfast treats at his fourth doughnut pop-up -- this time at Sunnyside Burger Bar in LoHi. Kleinman, known for his Inventing Room food lab and catering company, will be whipping up his biggest menu yet -- featuring grape jelly caviar, exploding whipped cream, chocolate blankets and liquid nitrogen-frozen pie crumbs -- from 6 to 10 a.m. January 22 to 25. This year's pop-up will also have a molecular coffee bar and possibly some bar drinks.

As in previous years, Kleinman is inviting you to submit a doughnut idea on the the Inventing Room website; the best submission will receive a dozen free doughnuts. The winner will be announced on January 17, so get your ideas in before then.

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You can also pre-order doughnuts on the website if you want to place a large takeout order on any of the days the pop-up is open.

Kleinman's previous doughnut pop-ups have been at Table 6, Bittersweet and Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs. The doughnuts are actually brioche-style dough deep-fried, split open and filled with combinations of creative toppings. $5 a doughnut may seem a little steep, but they're big (and shaped more like a long John) and come with plenty of fillings. This year's selection includes banana cream pie, tiramisu, PB & J, tres leches, German chocolate, lemon brûlée, doughnut bread pudding, and the Boulder, which is filled with spicy granola, strawberry frozen Greek yogurt and Colorado honey mascarpone.

"German chocolate is my favorite cake from childhood," says the chef. That doughnut will feature coconut cream, a chocolate blanket made with carageenan-thickened chocolate, coconut pop rocks, and pecan paper made with Ultra-Tex.

Other fun techniques include agar-jelled coffee, house-made peanut butter marshmallows torched campfire style, dehydrated mint leaves and rose petals, sous vide blueberries that retain their shape but have the intense flavor of jam, and cinnamon apple slices pressed and slow-cooked for 20 hours.

Kleinman says the Inventing Room has been busy with catering and other special events, aside from the breakfast pop-up. He'll be flying to Dubai in early February where he'll have a booth at the Dubai Food Festival and he'll be catering the press party for the kick-off of a new season of CNBC's Restaurant Startup, an entrepreneurial reality show in which Kleinman vies against other chefs and food developers for investment money. The new season begins tonight, although Kleinman says his episode was filmed in November.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.