The List: BBQ road trip

The Q Worldly Barbeque (which I reviewed this week) might claim to have the market cornered on all manner of international barbecue styles, but like all other 'cue joints in this town, it doesn't offer everything that a big hungry boy needs when he's got barbecue on his mind.

Like cornbread, for example. There's no cornbread on the board at the Q. Corn fritters, sure.  But no corn bread.

And what about pie? Peach cobbler, in particular. And the Q's potato salad isn't very good...

This week's list?  My favorite places to get all manner of BBQ necessities, sides and related ephemera -- everything you need to create the one perfect barbecue meal. As always, post your disagreements and alternate suggestions in the comments section below.  And have a great holiday weekend.

1) Pulled pork from Yazoo Barbeque Company, 2150 Broadway. Simply the best smoked shoulder in the city, smellable from a distance, even when wrapped to go.  Get there early to make sure the house don't run short.

2) North Carolina tidewater sauce from the Q, 2817 East Third Avenue. The only place in town to get it, which automatically makes it the best.

3) Corn bread from Jim 'n Nick's, 24153 East Prospect Avenue, Aurora. The corn bread muffins here are so good, they should be illegal.

4) Peach cobbler and small ends from Shead's, 12203 East Iliff Avenue, Aurora. The peach cobbler comes in a bowl because there's so much juice, and you go through almost an entire roll of paper towels while eating a single order of the small ends. 'Nuff said.

5) Ribs from Big Papa's, 6265 East Evans Avenue. Doesn't matter what kind, all the ribs here are incredible.

6) Laura's potato salad with mustard and hard-boiled egg. Who would've thought my atheist wife could make such a wicked good church-picnic potato salad?

7) Everything else (including baked potatoes loaded with barbecue) from Cabin Creek Smokehouse, 25997 Conifer Road, Conifer. This little spot in the foothills is a refuge for terminal barbecue junkies -- and just the destination for a holiday weekend road trip.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.