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The List: Denver's Best Burgers

I've been writing a lot about burgers lately, so this week's list reflects nothing more than my personal obsession du jour. Below are my top five burgers in Denver (and beyond).

If I miss your favorite, be sure to add it in the comments.  With any luck, together we can come up with a comprehensive listing of all the greatest hamburgers in Colorado -- which, not for nothing, is a noble undertaking and the sort of thing that balances out a lot of culinary sin in the eyes of the food gods.

1) Bud's Bar, 5453 Manhart Street, Sedalia. Yes, Bud's is the best. A ten-out-of-ten every single time I go. And Bud's doesn't just offer the best double-cheeseburger in Colorado, but cooks up one of the best burgers in the world.  If you haven't been, go there now.

2) Cherry Cricket, 2641 East Second Avenue. The green chile cheeseburger at the Cricket is the kind of thing that poets should write odes to, and pairing it with a bottle of Genny Cream Ale and a shot of Jameson whiskey makes for just about the most perfect three-course meal in Colorado.

3) Old School Burgers, three locations. I just wrote about Old School this week, putting it up against one of Denver's big new contenders (Park Burger, see below), and you know what? I gotta say that I probably like Old School better. If I had to choose between one or the other, I'd head straight for Old School's drive-thru in Aurora and grab a double-with-cheese. 

4) Park Burger, 1890 South Pearl Street. Which isn't to say that Park Burger shouldn't make the list, too.  When this place is hitting on all cylinders, it can stand as the model of what a neighborhood burger joint should be.

5) Smashburger, twelve locations in Colorado. Smashburger is gonna be huge. Like, Chipotle-huge. And it's going to happen soon. So we can all be proud to know that this soon-to-be-behemoth got its start (like Chipotle) with just one little location in Denver -- one little location that still flips one mean hamburger

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