The List: Denver's top ten green chile spots

One of my first columns was about the way green chile changes on the way from southern New Mexico to Denver -- from the pure verde kick in Hatch to the thin, soupy sauce of Albuquerque, and the steady thickening as you travel north along the green chile trail until you reach the gelatinous goop of Denver, studded with pork, completely missing the original vegetable sweetness of the fruit and encompassing varying levels of heat, from granny-safe to scorching. At the time, I could not stand the Colorado version of green chile. I found it repugnant and horrible and wrong. Over the years, though, I have come to appreciate the place of Colorado verde in the pantheon of green chile preparations, recognizing that this unique green chile (with its infinite variations) is truly one of those tastes that will always be associated with Colorado.

And will also inspire more bar fights than almost any other subject. What's the best green chile in Denver? Here are our ten picks, in no particular order except for #1,

10. Taqueria Patzuaro, 2616 West 32nd Avenue A classic Colorado green, sweet and hot, served in a classic northwest Denver spot.

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Jason Sheehan
Contact: Jason Sheehan