The List: Denver's top ten pho spots

Pho is the most recognizable example of the Vietnamese canon, a street food lifted whole from the avenues of Saigon and Bien Hoa and brought to the United States by waves of immigrants who came here following the war and the reconstruction.

Many of those immigrants washed up in Denver, which is why this town has dozens upon dozens of great pho spots. My favorites, in no particular order:

1. Pho 95, 1002 South Federal Boulevard

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2. Pho Duy, 945 South Federal Boulevard

3. Pho Van Noodle Souper, 472 South Federal Boulevard

4. Saigon Bowl, 333 South Federal Boulevard

5. Pho-Yo, 2719 South Parker Road

6. Pho Fusion, 8800 East Hampden Avenue

7. Pho Saigon, 8101 South Quebec Street

8. Pho 79 III, 1080 South Havana Street

9. Pho 79 I, 781 South Federal Boulevard

10. Saigon Pho Grill , 7243 Federal Boulevard

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