The List: Mexican on my mind


This week's review of D'Corazon marks something of a return to reality -- to a restaurant where I can dependably guess what my food is going to look and taste like when I order it, a place where I don't have to worry about anyone trying to sneak pomegranate into my tacos. I had a good time eating there, cleansing both my palate and my soul with big plates of enchiladas and ranchero pork chops. It was like a mini-vacation.

And when all was said and done, it made me think about some of the other Mexican places in town that I use regularly for the same purpose: making myself feel better after overindulging in the modern, goofy dumbassery of chefs altogether too full of themselves and too proud by half of their retarded fusion impulses. So without further ado, I present to you...


El Taco de Mexico, 714 Santa Fe Drive.  My first, best love in this town when it comes to super-traditional Mexican grub.  Everything that comes out of the kitchen is fantastic, and ten minutes at the counter is like going to confession for serious gastronauts.

Taqueria Patzcuaro, 2616 West 32nd Avenue. Just like El Taco, but with Michoacan cuisine--meaning more pork, more onions and (no small thing) a liquor license.

Tacos y Salsas, 910 South Federal Boulevard. There are now several locations of this nascent chain, and more seem to be springing up (or being discovered) all the time.  But I still love this one on Federal the best, and its parking lot remains the best place where I've ever had my car break down.

Senor Burrito, 12 East First Avenue.  My favorite Mexican pork chops in the city, and one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, period. Just saying the name makes me hungry.

Los Carboncitos, 3575 West 38th Avenue. Although I like this location best, multiple locations (there are now three Los Carboncitos outlets) just multiplies the goodness. Go for the huaraches, for the incredible salsas, or just for the fact that nearly everything on the menu comes with bacon.

Tacos D.F., 2020 South Parker Road, Aurora. Like El Taco, this place is less a restaurant to me than a church.  I love every single thing on the menu -- even the things that I have no idea what they are -- and often will order by pointing to whatever the person in front of me in line just walked away with: "Ooh, just gimme one of those..."


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