The Living Room serves up happy-hour veggie snacks

After a long day in the office, there's nothing like kicking back with some happy-hour drinks -- and maybe some happy-hour bites, so that you can still drive home safely. While the wine system at the Living Room, 1055 Broadway, is a lot of fun to geek out on, even the house selections are decent (and very well priced at happy hour). And there are even some vegetarian snack options. Although vegans will have to modify the selections, the Living Room's staff is happy to make those adjustments.

The place fills up fast during Friday happy hour, so drink-seekers who want a comfortable seat should get there as close to quitting time as possible. The booths along the side wall are particularly pleasant, but the long couches on the end of the room work well for small groups (they're spaced a little too far apart for more than three or so people).

The bruschetta plate (ordered without mozzarella in this example) was savory and tart, with a balsamic glaze. Despite the lack of cheese, there was still plenty of flavor in the briny tomato mixture coating each slice of bread.

The hummus is fairly standard, but the warmed pita bread and fresh carrots and bell peppers added a nice touch, and hummus goes well with just about anything you're drinking. Vegans should ask the kitchen to hold off on that sprinkle of feta cheese.

Both of the above-mentioned tapas (and several more, including pear salad, boursin crostini and others) are half-off during happy hour, which runs from 4 to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

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