The Market Report, May 16

Considering it is currently 86° outside, the Boulder Farmers' Market might want to set up a Slip 'n Slide right along the row of booths, so farmers can throw bags of arugula, chicken thighs, candy stripe beets and everything else they have on hand into my satchel as I gleefully glide by them. And the market should remember to use recycled water for the slide; after all, this is Boulder.

Barring that happening, I'll remember to wear a giant, floppy farmer's hat as I pick through the ever-expanding options. That sun is hot...and so is the produce now appearing.

I bought some more asparagus this week, because look at that little guy in the middle of the photo: HE'S FUCKING PURPLE!!! Cool as that is, though, I bought the spears because they were on sale.

The wheel of cheese is from MouCo, a Fort Collins company that makes only three varieties, but makes them well. Its blue tastes very mild -- not in a weak way, but in a subtle way. MouCo sells it everywhere; see for yourself.

On the right is a healthy bunch of sorrel, which is actually an oversized herb that tastes like, like...well let me go eat some and I'll get right back to you.


It tastes almost like a very sour strawberry, and I can see it going most swimmingly with eggs. Fortunately, I've obtained (from a friend of a friend) a few duck eggs. They are richer and fattier than chicken eggs, if I understand correctly, but can fill in for them in most recipes. But I'm looking for a recipe that will utilize them in their most duck-like way. Or else I'll just fry one up and stick it on a big, bleeding steak for the fanciest breakfast-for-dinner I could imagine.

But I'm willing to put that on hold if someone can tell me something better to do.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.