The Market Report, May 2

April showers bring May showers. That's how that saying should go, since the Boulders' Farmer Market is now four for four for rain (or snow) on Saturdays. But cold, damp weather won't keep locavores from their feast ingredients.

My shopping was a little lighter this round, since it's finals week and my diet is portioned as follows: 50% Red Bull, 49% coffee and 1% bacon (it's a little-known fact that bacon has over 100% of every major nutrient and vitamin, and in the presence of pretty girls, it can also be a great Viagra substitute).

I did grab a bunch of tarragon, a very versatile but underused herb that goes swimmingly with chicken and much more. For example, you can put some in a bowl of rice, magically turning it into tarragon rice!

I also snatched that acorn squash, surprised to even see it so early. (It's a summer squash and, since I have yet to take finals, it's definitely not yet summer.) I'm planning to slice it in half, put in a little butter and roast it, or maybe puree all that sweet flesh for some acorn squash ravioli...maybe with a tarragon sauce.

The golden tomato was just a random buy, more out of nostalgia than purpose. One of my first restaurant jobs was prep bitch at Opus in Littleton, and I can remember making golden tomato sauce with the tomatoes, some white wine and some onions. Now I might remake that delicious, simple sauce -- except this time, I'll add tarragon.

Finally, that weird woody, root-like thing on the left in the picture above is not ginger: It's a Jerusalem artichoke, better known as a sunchoke. It has no relation to the globe artichoke, and is the root of a sunflower-like plant (it's in the sunflower family). Raw, it's a so-so replacement for a water chestnut. I've never cooked with it, but I've heard that sauteed or roasted, the Jerusalem artichoke gains a deep, earthy flavor. I'm thinking of chunking it up and then roasting with some olive, salt and pepper. And what will I top it with?

That's right. Tarragon.

Class dismissed.

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