The McRib is back, and Denver's got it

The McRib is back, available at the 200 McDonald's restaurants across the state until November 22. The elusive sandwich, billed as "a boneless pork patty dressed with fresh-slivered onions, dill pickle slices, tangy barbeque sauce and served on a toasted, golden-brown home-style bun," was first introduced almost three decades ago, and occasionally resurfaces on the McDonald's menu -- always accompanied by some tangy hype.

"We know McDonald's McRib fans are incredibly passionate about the McRib, and what better way to honor this devotion than by bringing it back to Denver and all of Colorado for those who love it most?" pronounced Jay McAvoy, owner/operator of a metro Denver McDonald's. "We're proud to deliver our customers the unforgettable taste and experience of the McRib."

And McDonald's isn't just bringing back the McRib. It's created The Legends of McRib , a website where fans of the sandwich can share stories. The author of the winning submission will win a trip to Germany, the only place where the McRib is served year-round.

Fair warning: Right now, that site is moving more slowly than a McRib through your digestive track.

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