The Mudcat at Q Worldly Barbeque

I avoid perky waitresses. I can handle friendly, even cheery, but perky annoys me the way that a tennis-ball-obsessed golden retriever annoys me. With so much panting and slobbering around me, I find it hard to relax and enjoy myself. So when I sat down at Q Worldly Barbeque and a cute, exceedingly perky waitress asked what I wanted, I prepared myself for a very, very long night. "I hate to be high-maintenance," I told her, "but --" The perky waitress quickly cut me off with this: "Honey, you're in Cherry Creek North. I'm used to high maintenance." At that moment, I forgave her everything -- and recognized that perky was her way to maintain while serving high-maintenance customers. So I calmed down and ordered the Mudcat ($8), made with Burnett's Sweet Tea Vodka, fresh lemon juice and club soda; while it didn't even crack the top twenty of sweet-tea vodka drinks I've tried, it was a relatively good complement to the dry-rub barbecue. While I sipped it, I looked around at the crowd. Q attracts more than the usual Cherry Creek suspects -- the captains of industry and "refreshed" faces -- and when the band started playing, everyone started dancing and forgot any high-maintenance requirements for having a good time. I did, too, and watched as my waitress bobbed and weaved through the dancers with aplomb. As perky as ever.

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Nancy Levine
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