The name game continues at Hickory Prime

Gallagher's held down the corner of 15th and Arapahoe for a decade. But one day last fall, the steakhouse pulled the franchise, and building owner Bruce Rahmani replaced Gallagher's with the locally operated (by J.G. "Lupe" Gonzales) 5280 Steak House, which quickly changed its name to Hickory Prime Steak House after 5280 magazine complained.

Now there's yet another name on the sign at 1480 Arapahoe Street: Lone Ranch Steakhouse. But as it turns out, Lone Ranch is actually a restaurant within a restaurant: a less expensive steakhouse that occupies what used to be the back dining room, while Hickory Prime continues to serve the pricey stuff up front. Gonzales is overseeing both of them, as well as Le Chateau (which replaced La Fondue) and My Express Grill and Cafe, the fast-casual joint that opened at 1460 Arapahoe last week, replacing Picante Mexican Grill.


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