The new chef at Jonesy's EatBar loves the word "gastropub"

"I love the gastropub concept, I love the word 'gastropub' and I love Leigh Jones," declares Brendon Doyle, the former exec chef of Campo de Fiori who's now in command of the kitchen at Jonesy's EatBar, the gastropub at 400 East 20th Avenue, as Jason Sheehan reports here. Doyle didn't actually actually mention Sheehan's recent gastropub rant out loud, but he did say that his own cooking philosophies jive with the gastropub movement. "The gastropub concept is about simplicity, and that's what I stand for, too," he says. "But simple doesn't have to mean boring. You can still create fireworks with simplicity."

Which is exactly what Doyle intends to do with Jonesy's current menu. "I had a lot of parameters when I was at Campo, but there are no parameters at Jonesy's, so I'm going to have some fun with the menu, move it forward and use more seasonal, local products, like a gastropub menu should," he explains. When Doyle rolls out the autumn menu, sometime in early November, it'll have dishes like smoked veal chops, grilled cheese and tomato soup, duck confit, braised pork and cassoulet, he promises. And once the dinner menu is in place, a new brunch menu will follow. 

Sheehan will be watching.

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