The new crew of FIVE chefs hosts their first dinner at El Diablo on Monday

Matt Selby (Corner House), Kevin Morrison (Pinche Taqueria), Jorel Pierce (Euclid Hall) and Ian Kleinman (The Inventing Room) will congregate in the kitchen of Sean Yontz, exec chef of El Diablo, on Monday, April 22, for the first FIVE dinner showcasing the new crop of chefs that comprise Leigh Sullivan's cluster of kitchen magicians who cook alongside each other at numerous food and wine events for the duration of a year, including the James Beard House every September in New York City.

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The El Diablo dinner starts at 6 p.m. and includes wine and cocktail pairings from Jonathan Greschler, general manager and sommelier at Old Major. Seats are $75 per person, and can be purchased at http://eldiablofive.eventbrite.com/#, or by calling 303-954-0324. The menu, which trumpets five dishes -- one from each chef -- is below.

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