The Pasty Republic takes over where Wafflich left off

Don't head to Wafflich for breakfast this morning -- or lunch, for that matter. The sandwich shop that Benny Kaplan opened at 4166 Tennyson Street after closing his much more ambitious Shazz (now the home of Scratch Burrito) never returned from its winter break. Instead, when the doors of this tiny shop reopen later this month, they'll open into The Pasty Republic, which will keep Wafflich's emphasis on ice cream but also serve pasties -- and no waffles. Not that Wafflich specialized in those, either.

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Here's part of The Pasty Republic's Craigslist ad:

The Pasty Republic is a new restaurant located at 4166 Tennyson St (north of 38th). We specialize in the original handheld meal - a delicious filled pasty. If you don't know what a pasty is, it is a wholesome, honest food that consists of a half-moon shaped pastry case filled with all sorts of delicious fillings ranging from savory to sweet. We will also be offering handheld salads and ice cream.

Our hours of operation will be from 11am- 9pm, 7 days a week. We are a small, independently owned operation and all of our team members will be working in both front and back of the house positions. You must enjoy working with food, dealing with guests and doing so with a SMILE.

Although the sign on the door promises the Republic will be open on March 17, look for a grand opening on March 21.

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