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The Rackhouse Pub gets loaded on last year's Great American Beer Fest winners

The Rackhouse Pub, which celebrates its first anniversary on Halloween, wasn't around during the Great American Beer Festival last year, so the taphouse is catching up.

Starting this week, and leading up to the 2010 fest, September 16-18, the Rackhouse plans to have at least a dozen and possibly as many as sixteen of its twenty taps dedicated to Colorado beers that won awards in 2009.

"Some of them, I can't get, like Glenwood Canyon Brewing," says Rackhouse owner Chris Rippe. "But anyone who has keg availability, I am getting in."

A few are already on tap, the rest will show up later this week or next week, he says.

They include well known beers like Hoss and Yeti from Great Divide, True Blonde and Buster Nut from Ska Brewing, and Avery Brewing's Kaiser, as well as harder to find beers like Rockyard Brewing's Double Eagle wheat, the Sandlot's Move Back dortmunder, and Upslope's Time of the Season.

A few that Rippe is hoping for but hasn't confirmed include: Colorfest from Durango Brewing, 44 Pale Ale from Colorado Brewing Company, and Colorado Boy's IPA and Irish Red.

For a full list of last year's winner, check the GABF website here.

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