The Rock N Soul Cafe is at a turning point

The power cord on the Rock N Soul Cafe, a cafe and music venue in Boulder, may be pulled unless the owners get some help. Like many places right now, the cafe is treading water, but the owners aren't going down without a fight.

Sheryl and Sam Radetsky recently sent out this e-mail alert: "We have given all we have to sustain the Rock N Soul Cafe because of our true love of, passion for, and belief in the original vision....which was never focused on being the best, the most popular, the biggest, the coolest - but rather to provide the ultimate live music experience in a premier intimate music venue with GREAT sound surrounded by excellence in community, food, drink, vibe."

The Radetskys are looking for suggestions, as well as sponsorships and advertisements they can publish on their website and in their show programs. They're also planning to host a benefit show with proceeds going to the cafe.

"Well, we're trying to hang in there," Sheryl Radetsky told me. "We''re just going to see how everything goes. We're getting a lot of support from the music community. I'd say I've been contacted by twelve or so bands looking to play. We're just trying to gather feedback and trying to evaluate if it's feasible to stay in this location and in business."

For now, the Rock N Soul Cafe is located at 5290 Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder. You can comment on their website, Myspace page, Linkedin page or call  the cafe at 303- 443-5108.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.