The Second Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Fantasy Draft: What dishes would you pick?

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10. Vince: Pecan pie Second pick in this round: Pecan Pie. Underrated, tasty, chock full of protein, and delicious with coffee, making it the perfect breakfast for the next three days after Thanksgiving. The same people who don't like pecan pie don't like rhubarb pie or sweet potato pie or Leonerd Cohen. 11. Joe: Mashed potatoes I can't believe they've fallen this far, and I won't let them fall any farther. I had resigned myself to a potato-less Thanksgiving, since without gravy they're little more than a pile of wet chalk on your plate. But a little pool of gravy sitting in the middle of them, calling for my spoon like a hungry child? Yum to the yum. 12. Melissa: Pumpkin pie Well, you boys can have your all-year-round pies, but I'm taking pumpkin pie. It epitomizes an autumnal menu. Plus, all that pie crust in apple or the sugary overload of karo syrup in pecan is too much to handle at the end of the meal. I need a silky slice of pumpkin pie with a dollop of whip cream. 13. Melissa: Stuffing I'll take stuffing to both block any gravy-train and/or the alcohol-absorbency strategies. Plus, I got the big bird, I need something in that massive cavity to catch all the delicious juices circulating during cooking. Plus, in terms of reheating, stuffing is the only carb that works both cold and reheated. Any guesses for my strategy? 14: Joe: Creamed corn Melissa: It appears you are amassing the necessary ingredients for day-after turkey sandwiches, to which I say:

Well played.

But for me, Thanksgiving is a one-day event, a four-hour long, coma-inducing meal that happens on only one day a year. The next day? It's back to burger-basics for me. (I'll be in Cleveland this year, so maybe I'll eat this burger). With that in mind, I'm picking up some color for my plate and snagging creamed corn because, well, it's corn. And it's creamed.

15. Vince: Brussel sprouts How collard greens is not on the list is beyond me. Creamed spinach? Creamed corn? What, is everyone who's coming to dinner 90 years old? What about some kale with garlic? What about some mustard greens? Surprise one of you didn't try to draft a blender so that you could comfortably eat all your food in slurp.

Brussel sprouts. Man vegetable.

16. Vince: Sweet potatoes Marshmallows and Cinnamon. That's what I'm drafting here. And by that, I mean I'm drafting sweet potatoes, whose deliciousness stands alone quite nicely, but is augmented when the aforementioned sweet treats are added. Take your gravy and white potatoes -- I'll get a cavity while enjoying my starches. 17. Joe: Vanilla ice cream The thing about Thanksgiving foods is that very few stand tall on their own. Turkey without stuffing? Potatoes without gravy? That in mind, I'm finishing off my dessert and scooping up some vanilla ice cream to top my apple pie. Man: I get more American with every pick. 18 and 19. Melissa: Creamed spinach and butternut squash soup Rounding out my feast, creamed spinach and butternut squash soup. You got me Vince. I like a plate where the creamed spinach ebbs into the turkey and stuffing, acting both as a vegetable and sauce simultaneously. And soup is something my family does to warm-up for the main event. I like my soup spicy and hot (temperature) and served in a mug, to start my metabolism before I hit it hard with the main course.
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