The Squeaky Bean opens tonight, but is still waiting for its liquor license

Getting the State of Colorado to sign off on the

Squeaky Bean

's liquor license has been an exercise in extreme patience for owner Johnny Ballen, manager Steve Gallic, chef Max MacKissock and the rest of the Bean bunch, who, as

we reported Monday, were still waiting on a liquor license sign-off signature from the State

before unveiling what may very well be the most anticipated restaurant opening we've seen in a long time.

The troops are still waiting on that final signature, which could come as early as tomorrow morning -- whiskey willing -- but after four days of restlessness, the Bean is opening tonight at 5:30, and while there's no liquor license, MacKissock and his kitchen crew are rolling out the full menu, says Gallic. "It's kind of a bummer, and we're trying to be patient with the liquor license, but in the meantime, Max and the kitchen staff are doing the full Squeaky Bean menu, and the dining room, bar seats, patio and chef's counter are all open," he notes, adding that even without bar manager Sean Kenyon's ingenuous cocktails, "it should be a really fun night."

We'll drink to that...even if it's just H20.

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