The Street 16 final four is here!

It's down to the final four neighborhoods in our Cafe Society reader voting tournament, with Tennyson catching the most attention from sideline gabbers and Boulder -- "hey, that's not a neighborhood!" -- narrowly beating out Highland West in the field of eight.

Below are the full results of our round of eight. Come back later today and tomorrow to vote in the final four.

With 50.86 percent of the vote, Boulder supporters narrowly outpaced those of Highland West, which received 49.14 percent of the vote.

The other big contest was Tennyson against Upper Larimer. What can one write about Tennyson's upset other than its industry workers and residents come out in force? Tennyson, who wasn't expected to beat out Larimer Square in the first round, now is in the semis.

Fans of trendy Lower Highland out-voted Capital Hill (between 6th and 7th) by a commanding margin, for about every two votes for LoHi there was only one for Cap Hill.

Things were a bit tighter in the South Federal vs. Uptown match-up, but South Federal still came out with what some may call a mandate on its ethic dining options: 54 percent of voters chose it over Uptown.

Below are the results of elite eight round and here is the Boulder vs. South Federal match-up; look for Tennyson vs. LoHi on Tuesday.

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