The ten best dive bars in Denver -- Summer 2014 edition

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7) El Chapultepec 1962 Market Street With jazz on weekends, tasty Mexican food and the cheapest drinks in LoDo, the 'Pec is a one-of-a-kind experience, morning, noon and night. It's been serving since Prohibition, and that history shows. 6) Rustic Tavern 5126 West 29th Avenue Owned and operated by octagenarian JoAnn Turner -- who, in more than fifty years of owning the place, has never had a sip of booze or a drag from a cigarette -- the Rustic is tried and true, through and through. 5) Squeeze Inn 5395 West 48th Avenue At only 400 square feet, the Squeeze is easily the teeny-tiniest joint in town. And though the camaraderie is always cramped, the annual car show -- supported in part by a beer tap on the exterior of the building -- is not to be missed. 4) PS Lounge 3416 East Colfax Avenue Like most great dive bars in this town, the PS Lounge is a place we'd never want to see in the daylight -- but at night, the Lounge commands a special place in our dive-loving hearts. The place has its quirks: the cash-only establishment won't let you keep a running tab, for instance. But where else would the bar owner -- in this case Pete -- send you a round (or two) of Alabama Slammers, a sweet, Day-Glo-orange concoction made of sloe gin, SoCo and orange juice that tastes more like Tang, just to show his appreciation for your patronage? Keep reading for more dive bars.
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