The Three Best April Fool's Day Pranks in Denver...So Far

Damn, this is a state full of pranksters — especially joke-loving business owners who have pretty amazing graphics departments. From a meow-thful of new beer from New Belgium, to a magical blend of coffee that you can actually buy from Huckleberry, to the newest barber shop in town specializing in "hipster haircuts," here are the three best April Fool's Day pranks (so far).
New Belgium
New Belgium, Fort Collins's flagship brewery, came out of the gates hot this morning with one of the funniest beer labels we've seen in a while. And God bless the employee-owned brewery, it really made this beer look legit. The prank blog posted on its site plays a techno cat song and also says the beer won't be on shelves for a couple of weeks. Can't wait to grab a frosty one!
Huckleberry Roasters
The local coffee shop not only changed its sign to something amazing this morning — "Huckleberry Roasters Now a Taco Bell/ Long John Silvers" — but it also released this limited-edition coffee, White Lightning Blend. It's "a proprietary house blend that's super-delish," a  Huckleberry rep says. "Yep, you can def buy it!" Here's more from the Huckleberry website.

"Welcome the newest addition to our coffee blend line-up, White Lightning.

What's more cute and cuddly than a 12oz bag of coffee? Nothing.

Well, something. How about a 12oz bag of coffee with kittens, unicorns, rainbows, and beer? Our new blend targets the early stage coffee drinker.

By breaking into the tween market, we hope to expand our sales growth by over 25%!

Not to mention, our mentions and likes on Snap Chat, Kik, Iffy, Vine, and WhatsApp will be through the roof... and that's what is really important.

We even added fake paint splats in the background to appeal to a slightly younger than tween demographic, although the beer might backfire with that crowd. We've done years of market research and look forward to being enjoyed by 9-12 year olds across the country.

Hello Kitty and Lisa Frank enthusiasts rejoice because Huckleberry Roasters finally has something for you!
Dunbar Kitchen and Taphouse
The local taphouse and restaurant announced today that it's returning the Dunbar building to its roots as a barbershop — one that will search for the perfect "hipster haircut." The spot will continue to cook, serving "a wide variety of PBR can sizes and vegan truffle oil tater tots to stave off hipster hunger cravings during long facial hair styling sessions," it promises on Facebook in this very important press release: 


Dunbar Kitchen & Tap House Cuts Restaurant and Returns to Barber Shop Roots
Five Points’ favorite neighborhood craft beer pub decides to quit the restaurant business and will reopen on April 2 as an upscale barber shop.

Denver, Colo., April 1, 2016 – Dunbar Kitchen and Tap House, a craft beer and comfort food restaurant located in the heart of the Five Points neighborhood today announced that it will shutter its restaurant business and will reopen as Dunbar Barber Shop. After just a little over a year as a neighborhood pub at 2844 Welton Street in Denver, the restaurant concept, led by managing partner Charles Wessels and executive chef Charlie Abel, will close on April 1 and will reopen on April 2 as a barber shop.

“This building was built over a hundred years ago and used to house a barber shop,” stated Charles Wessels. “We decided that people prefer haircuts to craft beer and burgers, so we’re scrapping the food concept and are going back to haircuts. It will be a way for Dunbar to pay tribute to the historic roots of our building and the Five Points neighborhood.”

Dunbar Barber Shop will focus on “hipster” haircuts and mustache maintenance to cater towards the Five Points and RINO neighborhood demographic. Dunbar will keep all current staff, including servers, chefs, and bartenders, and will retrain all personnel in the art of mustache waxing, beard maintenance, and the “modern hipster haircut.” The Dunbar Barber Shop will serve a wide variety of PBR can sizes and vegan truffle oil tater tots to stave off hipster hunger cravings during long facial hair styling sessions.

“Our barber shop will be unique in that we use only all natural vegan waxing agents,” Wessels continued. “We will specialize in the ‘Urban Lumberjack’ and ‘Urban Train Conductor’ looks that we saw on the runways of Portland, Oregon’s big spring fashion show.”

As part of the grand opening celebration for the Dunbar Barber Shop, complimentary pocket bandanas and a free style consultation with a flannel and overalls expert will be given to the first twenty-five customers. For more information, visit

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