The top ten doughnuts in Denver

Today is National Donut Day. But lately, it's seemed like every day is doughnut day in Denver, with Dunkin' Donuts outposts opening all over town, and a Voodoo Doughnut -- the first out-of-state location for that Oregon based chain -- drawing the crowds on Colfax. And next week Glazed and Confuzed, the town's popular mobile sugar-rush purveyor, will finally open a brick-and-mortar store at 5301 Leetsdale Drive. To celebrate, it will be handing out free doughnut holes to anyone who shows up today for a sneak peek.

In honor of this sweet, sweet holiday, we're rolling out our list of the ten best doughnuts in Denver.

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10) Glazed and Confuzed Josh Schwab, "doughnut artist" and owner of Glazed and Confuzed, has a penchant for the more inventive fried treat. Utilizing an equal balance of traditional method and imagination, and using fresh, local ingredients, Schwab creates such heart-stoppers as a maple bacon doughnut topped with hand-cured bacon, and a root beer float: a handmade root beer glaze atop a Bavarian cream-stuffed doughnut. For the last few years, he's sold his doughnuts at the City Park and Cherry Creek farmers' markets, as well as coffeeshops around town. But starting on June 13, you'll be able to buy them at the new brick-and-mortar location. 9) Il Posto 2011 East 17th Avenue On top of serving simple, delicious Milanese-inspired cuisine, Il Posto answers the doughnut call with a decidedly Italian twist: its bombolini. These delicate drop doughnuts are sugared and served with creme Anglaise and pickled blueberries.  8) Amerigo Delicatus 2449 Larimer Street Amerigo Delicatus is a welcome addition to the RiNo neighborhood -- and not just because of its thoughtful plates of Italian comfort food and deli-style sandwiches. Every day, it prepares buttermilk doughnuts in-house, finishing them with a light dusting of granulated sugar. 7) Walton Donuts 6603 Leetsdale Drive Walton Donuts has only been open since 2004, but it has the old soul of a lived-in doughnut stop. Customers can pop in for simple, no-nonsense options like the basic cake doughnut (perfect for coffee-dipping), iced doughnuts with toppings ranging from peanuts to coconut and sprinkles, and cinnamon rolls and maple-topped twists.

Keep reading for more of Denver's best doughnuts.

6) Jelly 600 East 13th Avenue 1700 East Evans Avenue At these popular breakfast spots, you'll often see diners starting their meals with a perfect bowl of tiny, filled doughnuts. There's a range of enticing filling flavors: lemon curd, maple bacon, vanilla or chocolate creme Anglaise, Bhakti chai, Thai (a peanut glaze with sweet sriracha) and, of course, jelly. 5) The Donut 5270 East Arapahoe Road, Greenwood Village The Donut has been packing its abundant pastry case with bear claws, eclairs, classic cake doughnuts and cinnamon raisin squares for two dozen years. The red velvet cake doughnut is a particular favorite with regulars. Remember to grab some coffee to wash it all down. 4) Lucile's Creole Cafe 275 South Logan Street and three other metro locations For more than three decades, Lucile's has been keeping things Cajun in Denver -- and an important part of the Cajun tradition is beignets. Lucile's serves up perfectly golden-brown beignets with a generous dusting of powdered sugar; they're a great way to start the day. Keep reading for more of Denver's best doughnuts. 3) The Donut House 3124 South Parker Road The Donut House makes a killer cinnamon sugar crumb, a rustic applesauce cake doughnut and a perfect chocolate doughnut with real fudge -- but its biggest draw might be the array of old-fashioneds. Try the traditional glazed, or get crazy with a blueberry, cherry or pineapple version. 2) Voodoo Donut 1520 East Colfax Avenue Since the Portland, Oregon-based Voodoo Donut opened its first out-of-state store on East Colfax Avenue late last year, there's usually been a line out the door for fans of the magical pink boxes. Voodoo makes more than a 100 kinds of doughnuts, including simple glazed, frosted or sprinkled; a doughnut shaped like a blunt, dipped in maple frosting and dusted with cinnamon sugar, and a triple filled with Bavarian cream and frosted in chocolate. For this store, it also created a maple-frosted doughnut filled with Bavarian cream and christened on top with a large "C," a homage to Colfax. 1) Donut Maker 9625 East Arapahoe Road, Greenwood Village For over 25 years, the Donut Maker has been open every day, offering fresh doughnuts to suburban dwellers. The shop boasts an impressive display of classic varieties like twists and apple fritters, but also mixes it up with options like Oreo custard-filled and Nutella-stuffed beauties, too. Try getting there early on Friday -- that's today! -- for fresh crullers. Winner of Best Doughnut in the Best of Denver 2014.

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