The trucks stop here: Final Civic Center Eats of the season

It was fun while it lasted, but the last Civic Center Eats of the season gets rolling in Civic Center Park at 11 a.m. today. The gathering of gourmet food trucks and carts has been a movable feast all summer, but after today the event will go into hibernation until next year.

By then, the city's food truck task force might have finished its work. At a Denver City Council committee meeting in January, the city released a draft of the City of Denver Food Truck Guide; Councilwoman Carla Madison volunteered to chair a task force that would look over the guide, and decide which rules needed to be clarified...and which might need to be changed.

Madison and the Downtown Denver Partnership convened a Food Truck Operator roundtable in February, and then a first task force meeting in March. But after Madison passed away, much of the momentum was lost. The Partnership did survey food-truck operators for the city, but while that survey was completed in June, the results have yet to be released.

Expect them next month, after the DDP brings Councilman Albus Brooks, who now represents Madison's former district, up to speed on the subject.

By then, of course, prime time for trucks will be over for the year.

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