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The twelve best stoner spots to cure the munchies in Denver on 4/20

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12) Pretty much any fast food outlet

Weed is now legal in this state and available to the 21+ masses -- but the stereotype of the typical pothead having a slim wallet still holds. That's what's so great about fast food when you have the munchies: It's not only cheap, but you can find it anywhere, in some of the most diabolical food hybrids known to man. When you're high, the closest place will probably be your best bet -- but since you're in Denver, why not indulge in some local fare? The Mile High City is clearly high on fast food, with plenty of homegrown options, including Good Times, Smashburger, Noodles & Company, Qdoba and Chipotle.

11) Cheba Hut 1531 Champa Street

Fast food is great in a pinch, but you can easily treat your tastebuds for only a few bucks more. If you're at Civic Center Park for the 4/20 rally, Cheba Hut's downtown location is a short walk. The menu could be mistaken for a dispensary roster, and with pot-friendly sandwiches like the AK-47, White Widow and Kali Mist, Cheba Hut will definitely make tokers feel at home. To top it all off, on 4/20 it will be offering a Nug (it's a four-inch sandwich, not weed) with chips and a drink for $4.20.

10) D.P. Dough 1228 East Colfax Avenue

D.P. Dough has several things going for it: It's cheap -- there are $5 calzones specials every day; it offers delivery; and it's open until 2 or 3 a.m. most days. The regular menu features calzones stuffed with everything from steak and potatoes to hamburger, cheddar and Mexican seasoning to buffalo chicken and blue cheese; there are also more traditional versions. And if your mouth is feeling a little dry, you can choose from a rainbow of dipping sauces. Whatever you're craving, D.P. Dough has you covered -- and you don't even have to get off the couch.

9) Masterpiece Delicatessen 1575 Central Street 1710 Sherman Street

Masterpiece Deli has truly mastered the art of sandwich-making. In fact, when you're under the influence, it's entirely possible you will be thrown into a munchie-induced anxiety attack just trying to whittle down your selections. From stoner basics like PB & J and grilled cheese to such artful choices as white-truffle egg salad, roasted vegetable and seared ahi tuna, Masterpiece will have you drooling despite that cottonmouth. The LoHi store also boasts a small patio that makes up for what it lacks in size, with a great view of downtown.

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