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The twelve best stoner spots to cure the munchies in Denver on 4/20

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8) Sweet Action Ice Cream 52 Broadway

The forecast for Sunday is currently sitting comfortably in the 70s, though Colorado natives know how quickly that can change. Assuming all goes as foretold by the great meteorologists, the weather will be warm, and that means ice cream will be a hot commodity. Sweet Action Ice Cream isn't far from the action downtown, and with flavors like Stranahan's whiskey brickle, buttered popcorn and Cadbury creme egg, if you can't find something you like, you may have smoked a little too much.

7) Biker Jim's 2148 Larimer Street

The Best of Denver 2014 winner for Best Hot Dog, Biker Jim's is our favorite street-meat slinger in town. What sets it apart is a unique menu that features sausages made from animals that walk, fly and slither. And you can get all the dogs slathered in cream cheese and caramelized onions, chili, roasted cactus and a number of other tasty toppings. Jim's doesn't just do dogs: The Ballpark neighborhood restaurant also offers chipotle brownie ice cream sandwiches, fried mac and cheese, shakes and, of course, a plethora of adult beverages.

6) Mellow Mushroom 1201 16th Street 2154 East Commons Avenue, Littleton

Pizza is a classic stoner food, and for good reason: It's cheap, easy to eat and usually delicious. Mellow Mushroom has a stoner-friendly vibe, and its downtown location isn't far from Civic Center, with a great patio right on the 16th Street Mall. The pizza menu features combos like the Thai Dye, Maui Wowie and Holy Shiitake; there are also sandwiches, soups, salads and calzones. Sure, passersby might give you a funny look as you manhandle half a slice of ranch-drenched pizza, but just remember that they're probably not enjoying themselves half as much as you are. Mellow Mushroom also has a Littleton location if you plan on having a chiller 4/20.

5) Hapa Sushi 2780 East Second Avenue 1514 Blake Street 5380 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard, Englewood 1117 Pearl Street, Boulder

Sushi may not be the first thing that comes to mind after you set down the pipe, but Hapa Sushi isn't your average sushi joint. Not only has this homegrown chain used pot heavily in its advertising hijinks, but it's even garnered national attention with its faux weed-pairing menu. But while you might not be able to pair your rolls with pre-rolls and your maki with marijuana, you can still enjoy dishes like Hapa's magic mushrooms (avocado wrapped in salmon and topped with Japanese aioli and sweet soy), spicy tuna nachos and cheap drinks during happy hour. Dip into the Hapa Sushi website for more details. Keep reading for more of the top stoner spots.

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