The veggie burger at My Brother's Bar is a slice of heaven

My Brother's Bar is known for its burgers (and its history), and nothing about those burgers is known for being vegetarian-friendly: The words "juicy" and "mouthwatering" are generally thrown around. Also, "beef" and "bison." But the joint's Boulder Burger is vegan friendly -- and a fine option for plant-based eaters looking for a burger and beer.

If you've been to My Brother's Bar, then you already know it's all about the burgers and the suds, and the veggie burger is really no exception -- although you can also opt for a grilled-cheese or cucumber-tomato-and-cream-cheese sandwich. Pictured above, though, is the basic veggie burger, grilled and served with a boat from whence you can add fixings as you please. We went with lettuce, tomato and pickle for a simple but satisfying burger. The patty is firm and contains plenty of high-nutrition grains and beans.

If you prefer, you can order a burger based on one of the meat-heavy options: This is a vegetarian version of the JCB, a burger slathered in jalapeno cream cheese.

For a side, you can't go wrong with a half or full order of onion rings; you can also get fries or mix them up, like we did. (But we wished we'd ordered ALL onion rings, so take our advice and skip the fries.)

My Brother's Bar is at 2376 15th Street; call 303-455-9991.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.