The week in Cafe Society bloggery: Best GABF T-shirts, Chef and Tell with Roberto Diaz, hosts behaving badly and a new bar manager at Steuben's

Behold the highlights from this week's Cafe Society blog:

Yak and Yeti takes home the gold at Great American Beer Festival

Kyle Fitzgerald exits the Old Blinking Light but has a new restaurant in the works

Great American Beer Festival: 25 things I learned in 2010

Master baker Keegan Gerhard looks to add more concepts to Denver -- and beyond

Rocky Mountain Brewery brews dessert in a glass

Mezcal's Roberto Diaz on the best carnitas in the world, his love for lard and huitlacoche

Theo Adley to open The Pinyon on the East End of Pearl Street

Photos: The best beer T-shirts spotted at Great American Beer Festival

Civic Center Eats ends Tuesday -- but trucks will keep rolling

In honor of National Pancake Day, a half-dozen joints to flip for flapjacks

Hosts behaving badly at Gaia Bistro

Steuben's loses bar manager Sean Kenyon, but gains Randy Layman

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