Happy Hour

The Wild West: Table Mountain Inn likes us unsober

The Place: Table Mountain Inn, 1310 Washington Avenue, Golden, 303-277-9898.

The Hours: Daily from 3 to 6 p.m. and 9 to 11 p.m.

The Deals: $5 Honcho Mesa margaritas; $3 select wines by the glass, cocktails and Colorado microbrews; $2 Coors and Budweiser; $4 and $5 appetizers

The Digs: Ah, Golden. While only a short distance from the big city, Golden has the small-town feel of a mountain village and the ambiance of days when cowboys roamed. Table Mountain Inn, a rustic southwestern hotel situated in the heart of Golden's main drag, only adds to this picturesque setting. The restaurant resides on the first level of the hotel, and the bar area occupies the south end with a patio facing west onto Washington Avenue. Locals laugh and mingle with tourists in this laid-back watering hole that remains a fixture in this little town.

The Verdict: Table Mountain Inn gets muchos kudos from us primarily because of their Honcho Mesa margarita -- a delicious tequila concoction mixed perfectly and served in a frosty glass the size of your head for just five bucks. And if that isn't enough to keep us completely hammered sticking around, the food isn't half bad either. The burgers ($5) are a half-pound of greasy deliciousness that can be prepared any way you'd like and topped with whatever you want (if you'd like something smaller, try the buffalo sliders). The nachos ($5) complement the southwestern theme and are a great plate to share with a few friends. Service is fast and friendly, and seating is easy to come by during the early hours. We'll definitely be back for more, y'all.

Overall Grade: A

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Kate Kennedy
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