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The Wynkoop Brewing Company rolls out Silverback Pale Ale in a can

In the basement of the Wynkoop Brewing Company, Joshua Willett and Jason Zumbrunnen are rolling out the brewery's next big thing.

Silverback Pale Ale, a brand new beer in a brand new can, will hit a limited number of liquor stores as soon as this weekend, but first the beer has a date at Do at the Zoo tonight, where it will unveil Silverback for the first time.

Like Silverback Porter before it, a significant portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, a longtime cause for the brewery.

Hoppy, but with a spirited, almost sweet undertone, Silverback is made with Grains of Paradise, according to the Wynkoop, a West African spice eaten by gorillas.

"We're brewing the best beer we've brewed in twenty years here," says Willett, part of a five-person brewing team that was canning Silverback for the first time on Wednesday.

The Wynkoop began canning its signature Rail Yard Ale late last summer on a hand-canning machine. Now the brewery is up to 160 cases per week. Willett was hoping to can and package eighty cases on Wednesday in time for Do at the Zoo. By the end of the week, he plans to have canned about 200 cases of the beer.

Silverback joins a host of new canned beers this summer, including Boulder Beer's Hazed & Infused, New Belgium's Ranger IPA and four beers from Avery Brewing.

Silverback will be available this weekend at Argonaut Liquors, Wines off Wynkoop, Lucas Liquors, Superior Liquors and Highlands Wine & Liquors, as well as in six-packs from the Wynkoop's own cooler. After that, distribution will be wider.

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