The Wynkoop's Belgorado Belgian IPA is Colorado loud and proud

The Wynkoop Brewing Company will debut its newest canned beer next week -- one with some unusual Colorado ingredients. No, it's not Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout -- although two-packs of that ballsy beer will also be released in cans soon. The beer is called Belgorado and it's made almost entirely with Colorado-produced malts and hops.

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In fact, Belgorado may have a higher percentage of Colorado-made ingredients than any other packaged beer in the state, aside from AC Golden's Colorado Native, which is made from 100 percent Colorado ingredients and packaged in locally-produced cans.

To brew it, the Wynkoop bought all of its hops at Misty Mountain Hop Farm in Olathe and 60 percent of its malt from Alamosa's Colorado Malting, a small, family-owned company that grows and malts its own barley and is the only commercial malter in the state. Eventually, Wynkoop would like to buy all of its Belgorado grains from Colorado Malting.

Described as a "Belgium-meets-Colorado IPA," Belgorado is fermented with a Belgian yeast strain, but should satisfy hopheads as well.

"We really like the beer and we wanted something in a can that was a little hoppier that our fans could drink on a regular basis," says Wynkoop spokesman Marty Jones.

The limited, year-round beer will be sold in four-packs -- like many other higher-end beers -- to offset the slightly higher price of the beer that is a result of using all-local ingredients, Jones explains. "We are putting our buy-local mantra literally where our mouth is. So it costs a little more, but we think local consumers will support that."

The Wynkoop currently cans three other year-round beers -- Rail Yard Ale, B3K and Silverback Pale Ale -- and plans to can several other smaller-batch beers this year.



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