Beer Man

The Yard House sets opening date in time for Christmas, continues hiring

The Yard House, which started interviewing job candidates last week, is tentatively hoping to open for business on December 18, just a week before Christmas.

In the meantime, the restaurant, inside the Sheraton downtown, at 1550 Court Place, will continue its job fair through December 1 as it looks to hire 250 people.

"We are looking for a sparkle in somebody's eye," says Yard House regional director Steve Bauer. "Experience doesn't hurt, either. But you can teach people to do the job, but not to be nice and hospitable." Applicants, depending on the background, will also be asked to show any skills they have, from pouring shots to cooking.

Bauer says all of the new hires will go through three weeks of on-the-clock training before the opening. "It's an extensive education, and we warn them about it," he explains. "We want them to know every dish and how to serve them."

And since the Yard House will also have 130 beers on taps, the staff is also trained in beer styles and knowledge.

Applications will be taken at 1515 Cleveland Place, on the second floor, Monday through Saturday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. for the rest of this month.

The Yard House is part of a California-based chain. There is another location in Lakewood.

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