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There's always room for one mo' pho

Later today, we'll post my list of the town's best spots for pho, which includes Pho 95, a wonderful place I review this week, and several other pho shops along Federal Boulevard.

My all-time favorite spot for pho was in Aurora. Sadly, Pho 2000 closed years ago, but it stucks like a burr in my mind as that most perfect place for a psychological head-kick of Blade Runner futurism -- a plain, white room, banked with windows where, when the rain came down, a man wanted to do nothing but eat noodles, stare at the runnels of water on the glass and construct heavy-handed voiceovers in his head.

For a blast from the past, a taste of another lost treasure, read my Pho 2000 review here.

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Jason Sheehan
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