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These winners will be VIPs at the Smashburger party tomorrow

Smashburger will finally smash into downtown this week, when it opens a restaurant in the Tabor Center at 10 a.m. Wednesday. Earlier today, we offered Cafe Society readers a chance to win a pair of tickets to the VIP party at this Smashburger tomorrow; to enter, they just had to tell us in ten words or less why they deserved to go.

And the two winners who'll each get a pair of tickets:

Holly Armstrong, who wrote: "I am great for parties and will live twitter event." And Michael B, who revealed: "My pregnant wife loves Smashburger more than she loves me."

But that's not all....

In honor of Jake B's extraordinary (and rule-breaking) effort, Smashburger scrounged up another pair of tickets in honor of this entry:

Here's how it's going down:

I walk into Smashburger and have an immediate nosegasm. The olfactory pleasure is almost enough, but no, I must make it to the counter. The kid taking my order is nervous, but I tell him everything is going to be fine. Let the burger do all the work.

Like the basket my burger arrives in, I too feel filled with tiny holes up until this moment. My heart whispers to it, "Be gentle, my friend" and the first bite fills up all of those holes. The crispness of the fried onions gives me shivers. I feel like I need multiple mouths to insert the burger into. One certainly isn't enough.

Fries? Damn right. I start by dipping individuals into the sea of ketchup I've unleashed, but soon I'm taking two, three at a time. People are starting to stare, but I could care less.

It takes a handful of napkins to clean up the mess I've made, but it's A-OK at 'ol Smashburger. They get it. It happens all the time.

Winners, you'll be on the guest list at the party (Jake and Michael, send your full names to [email protected]). The fun starts at 5 p.m. tomorrow at the new Smashburger, 1203 16th Street.

Eat up!

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