Thirteen hottest vegetarians, in honor of Hug a Vegetarian Day

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As if vegetarians don't get enough kudos for being greener and more animal-friendly than their meat-eating counterparts, now they get rewarded with hugs. And who doesn't love a hug?

Today is Hug a Vegetarian Day, according to PETA2. And since we've been slaving away in our cubicles all day, we'll take any chance we can get to look at really, really good-looking people. Here's a list of smokin'-hot vegetarians we'd like to hug. And with Saturday being World Vegetarian Day, the delightful thoughts can last twice as long.

13. Alison Mosshart Sexxxy is in your attitude, and when she performs live, Mosshart (best known for being in The Kills and Jack White's supergroup the Dead Weather) is definitely sex in heels -- and holding a microphone. It doesn't hurt that for ironic fun, she likes to wear animal prints (not real). 12. Morrissey Morrissey -- Not being able to have something makes it hotter, right? Morrissey certainly pushes that to the extreme with his self-proclaimed celibacy. Even though he's taken that back in the last ten years, the magic still lingers. 11. Steve-O Okay, so stapling your balls to your thigh on national television for Jackass doesn't sound attractive, but men seem to gravitate to Steve-O in a Judd Apatow-style bromance sort of way -- well, minus the discussion of feelings and with a little more humiliation. Empirically, he's not a bad-looking guy but that depends on how much of a turn-on you find discussion of orifices. 10. Russell Brand He might not look it, but Russell Brand is disturbingly well-spoken and intelligent: Just listen to his Times Talk. Plus, a sense of humor is always nice. The skin-tight pants are up for discussion. 9. Sarah Silverman She's vulgar, crass and frequently offensive, but the comedienne can also be smartly cutting and so damn cute. 8. Jared Leto Two words: Jordan Catalano. Leto's My So-Called Life character is so wrong, yet so dreamy. 7. Rivers Cuomo If sensitive vegetarian boys with guitars and lots of feelings are a type (and they totally are), the Weezer frontman is one of the prototypes (and please, can we go back to those days of Weezer?). Throw in a pair of over-sized glasses, grandpa cardigan, and a degree from Harvard, and... sold. 6. Jonathan Safran Foer  His 9/11 novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is getting made into a movie. And c'mon, he's written an entire book (oft-cited by fellow hottie Natalie Portman) about not eating animals called Eating Animals. 5. Ellen DeGeneres / Portia de Rossi They're beautiful. They're smart. They're funny. They're vegetarians. And the only thing better than a single hug? A group hug. 4. Natalie Portman She's beautiful in a variety of hairstyles, a Harvard grad and an ardent vegan. Plus, she's pretty sassy rapping on Saturday Night Live, saying dirty words and threatening violence. 3. Anne Hathaway She dated a man who got arrested and thrown into jail for making shady real estate deals when he posed as a businessguy with Vatican ties -- but who doesn't make mistakes? What's important is that the actress who went from the Princess Diaries to the critic's darling in Rachel Getting Married to Catwoman in the upcoming the Dark Knight Rises is making amends. She quit smoking and took up vegetarianism. Plus, with those big eyes, she practically looks like Bambi. 2. Cillian Murphy Not to seem cheesy or anything, but couldn't you just fall into those eyes forever? If you need a soft place to land, you won't find it in the cheekbones of the Irish actor, who's been in Inception, the Dark Knight, Tron and a bunch of indie flicks. Boy has bone that could cut. 1. Olivia Wilde With a range from sexy doctor to sexy alien to sexy princess, this girl clearly has acting chops. And c'mon, have you seen her? PETA2 did, because it named her the Sexiest Vegetarian of 2010.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.