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This week in Cafe Society food bloggery: To drink or not to drink vodka, Justin Brunson, cupcakes, TAG | RAW BAR and turkey legs

Behold the highlights from this week's Cafe Society blog:

1. Sean Kenyon, the no-holds-barred bar baron at Steuben's, takes on vodka -- specifically whether or not it's run its course -- in this week's Ask the Bartender, a new addition to Cafe Society World Headquarters. In case you're wondering whether your next martini should be made with vodka or gin, the answer is...oh, just read it!

2. In one of our favorite Chef and Tell interviews of the year, Justin Brunson, the exec chef and owner of Masterpiece Delicatessen (and, soon, Lechon), waxes rhapsodic about foie gras, laments the fact that lamb testicles, for some unfathomable reason, would never sell on his menu, and talks about how his search for kick-ass Korean food ended in Chicago.

3. Guest blogger Ryan DeWitt leads us on an epic cupcake crusade throughout Denver, as he swells his gut with cake, frosting and sprinkles from ten different cupcake shacks and etches the memories in a sugar-shock photo essay. Someone had to do it; better him than us.

4. In new restaurant news, Troy Guard and his wife, Leigh Sullivan Guard, announced plans for a new baby. No, not a human baby, but a sibling to TAG, Troy's Asian-influenced restaurant in Larimer Square that will soon share a sidewalk with TAG | RAW BAR, which will be the first food emporium to open in the subterranean Larimer Square walkway, currently undergoing a massive makeover.

5. As you all have no doubt heard, a Taste of Colorado hits Civic Center Park this weekend, which can only mean one thing: turkey legs! Okay, so there's more than medieval-sized flesh at the Taste (pizza, hot dogs, barbecue and cookies, for example); there's music, too -- lots of it -- and since we know that you want your hot dog and your Bret Michaels, we've compiled a handy band-and-belly cheat sheet to help you pair your groove with your gut.

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