Three of the biggest wine-marketing WTFs!

If you're a woman and you love wine, then you must be a complete idiot.

That's the only logical conclusion we were able to draw after stumbling upon a slew of borderline misogynistic marketing ploys to influence our (since we are most assuredly a "she") wine-purchasing decisions. With some research claiming that women are responsible for 80 percent of the wine purchased for home consumption, it's no wonder that some brands will push any crazy "girlie" wine idea they can dream up in order to get their hands into our wine kitty. We can certainly appreciate that there is some subset of our demographic that is seeking -- to put it nicely -- "softer" messaging about wine, which for too long has been largely targeted to men. But on behalf of our wine-loving gender, we simply must call bullshit on these overly sexist and, in one case, downright misleading wine-marketing concepts. Turn the page for three marketing ploys so egregious, we had to say "WTF!?"

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Kendra Anderson