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Three Taste of Philly locations issue a five-pound cheesesteak challenge

First there was the seven-pound gut-busting breakfast burrito from Jack-n-Grill that Man v. Food host Adam Richman unsuccessfully attempted to shove down his throat. Then Virgilio's issued a similar challenge that currently involves eleven pounds of dough, six toppings, cheese, tomato sauce and a pizza called the "Hugilio."

Now comes word that three Taste of Philly locations, including the store at 2432 South Colorado Boulevard, are unleashing the "Apollo Cheesesteak Challenge," a 20-inch Amoroso roll mounted with 44 ounces of meat, 18 ounces of white American cheese and a half pound of grilled onions, which tips the scale at a hefty five pounds, give or take. "This is America and people love a challenge," says Taste of Philly owner Martin Garvey, who admits that there's only been one taker since he started the competition two weeks ago. "We've only had one challenger so far, and he threw in the towel after about 45 minutes, and didn't even want to take home the leftovers." Wimp.

If you finish the cheesesteak in 60 minutes or less, your name goes on the Wall of Fame, the sandwich, which is normally $29.99, is free, and you get an "I heart cheesesteak" T-shirt. If you don't finish the cheesesteak, you're a loser and get nothing, except for maybe a bit of empathy from the staff (and leftovers).

Oh, and there's a waiver you'll need to read and sign, which includes, among other rules and acknowledgments, your punishment for puking. For the rest of the decree, jump to the next page.

The Terms and Conditions are as follows:

The entire sandwich must be consumed, without help from others, leaving no morsel uneaten, in the allotted time of 60 minutes.

The contestant must not leave the "Control Zone", which will be identified by yellow "Caution" tape or similar marking. Exiting the Control Zone will result in immediate disqualification.

Vomiting or any other similar act will result in immediate disqualification; furthermore any person who does vomit agrees to clean up the mess themselves, and will agree to never again attempt the Apollo Cheesesteak Challenge.

Condiments are allowed.

The manager on duty ("Challenge Administrator") has sole discretion as to whether or not the conditions of this challenge have been satisfied.

I acknowledge that this is in no way a wise or healthy decision, and acknowledge that no doctor or other medical or health advisor would recommend this as part of a proper and healthy diet. We, Taste of Philly, also recognize that this is a poor choice, and recommend that you not attempt the Apollo Cheesesteak Challenge;

Despite knowing everything stated above, I choose to put aside any concerns for my own well being, and forever waive Taste of Philly (and any person or entity remotely connected to it) from any and all liability whatsoever for any and all problems that might even possibly arise from me partaking in the Apollo Cheesesteak Challenge;

I acknowledge that I am not allergic to any of the aforementioned ingredients and that I have eaten cheesesteaks previously and suffered no ill effects.

I agree that Taste of Philly may freely use my name and/or likeness for other promotional purposes without reservations of any kind and without requiring any additional compensation.

While there is no limit on the number of times that you may attempt the Apollo Cheesesteak Challenge, you may only receive the prizes once in any six-month period.

Should you meet the conditions of the challenge you will be rewarded as follows:

You will be refunded the entire price of your sandwich, to include all collected taxes.

You will receive a Taste of Philly t-shirt to proclaim your love of the cheesesteak.

You will have your name and/or likeness placed on our "Wall of Fame" for all to see.

The other two participating locations are Highlands Ranch (2660-B East County Line Road) and Lakewood (9797 West Colfax Avenue).

Good luck, gluttons.

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