The Snow Creek Ranch is getting ready for a Thursday-night farm dinner.
The Snow Creek Ranch is getting ready for a Thursday-night farm dinner.
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Tickets Still Available for Larkspur Ranch Dinner With Chef Michael Long

Summer means a bounty of produce and plenty of work for farms and ranches, which are now in full swing after a rainy spring. One of those ranches, the Snow Creek Ranch near Larkspur, is hosting a chef's dinner to celebrate the season's vegetables and Snow Creek's own beef. Tickets are still available for the dinner, which starts at 6 p.m. this Thursday, June 25.

Chef Michael Long, who is now heading the kitchen at Le Central but who has previously earned accolades for his menus at Opus and Aria, will be presenting dishes featuring the season's freshest delights: think squash blossoms, green tomato relish, beets, spring garlic and baby arugula. Pair all that with Snow Creek's slow-roasted tri-tip sirloin and regional wines and beers and you've got a locavore's dream.

"The phrase 'Farm-to-Table' has become a little fictitious, what with fast food and chain restaurants starting to somehow imply their factory food is connected to farms and ranchers," notes Long.  "But a dinner like this, with right-from-the-field produce, artisan honey, and true ranch beef, really inspires me because it is the real deal and served right on a working ranch."

Tickets (at $130 each, including beverage pairings) can be purchased from Snow Creek's Eventbrite page

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