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Tim Tebow reads Green Eggs and Ham for the kids, and for Pizza Hut

Cafe Society last wrote about Tim Tebow when Euclid Hall introduced its bone-marrow "T-boning" Manhattan shot. This time around, the world of food and Tebow collide in very different way.

Pizza Hut, founder of the Book It! program, which got many of us hooked on its mass-produced, pizza-flavored product as kids -- and which also happens to promote childhood reading -- has Tebow as its latest celeb. (Was Lavar Burton unavailable?)

Tim Tebow will read Green Eggs and Ham.

You can watch Tebow starting at 8 a.m. today at, and as often as you'd like for a week. (The video, which Tebow filmed in December, will stop airing after February 22.)

"The book was Tim's choice," says Kristin Wertz, a spokeswoman for Pizza Hut and Book It! "Green Eggs and Ham is Tim's favorite childhood book and a book that helped teach him how to read. The Book It! team was thrilled he chose such a classic."

Last year's Book It! audience of 500,000 set a record, Wertz notes, but we're betting many more will listen to Tebow -- with his gentle, genteel Southern tone -- rhyme his way through the Seuss classic.

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