Toby Keith talks fried baloney at his bar's grand opening

Toby Keith's favorite thing on the menu of the chain of restaurants named after his hit song? The fried baloney sandwich. While in town yesterday for the official grand opening of Northfield Stapleton's Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill, the ninth and largest of the locations that actually opened last fall, Keith said that when he opened his first spot at Harrah's in Las Vegas, the chef who oversees all of the eateries in the Harrah's empire was completely pissed off when he saw the fried baloney sandwich on the menu.

"So we had come back a few weeks later and he had taken it off," Keith remembered. "And I said, 'No, you put it on.' And so the execs at Harrah's were like, 'Give him his fried baloney sandwich, dammit.'"

During its soft opening, Keith said, the Vegas I Love This Bar did about three times the business that the other restaurants at Harrah' did during their soft openings. The fried sandwiches were the reason why.

When someone in the Northfield crowd asked if the kitchen was using kosher baloney, Keith replied, "I don't think it's kosher, but if you're going to eat it, does it matter?"

At the grand opening, Keith also talked about how he used to play Colorado quite a bit, including five-night stints at the Grizzly Rose. But now when he comes to town, he said, he'll have another place to visit: his own.

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