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Today's three square deals: big Mexican plates, wines and bubbles and three courses for thirty-three bucks

Lunch:  There are all sorts of terrific lunch deals throughout our fine city, but every day, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the fine folks at Pollo Cabana, a great little Mexican joint  at12131 East Iliff Avenue, dole out some of the best bargains around, including nine lunch specials for $5.95 per plate -- and the plates aren't anything to sneeze at. For less than six bucks, you can order cheese enchiladas with rice and beans, a guacamole tostada and crispy chicken taco with rice or a huge Mexican hamburger with rice and beans. And if you're a late luncher, all the same plates are still available for just one buck more.

Liquid: From 5 to 7 p.m., Sunday through Monday, the bar staff at Olivea, John Broening's fantastic restaurant at 719 East 17th Avenue, pours 14 wines -- reds, whites and prosecco -- for $5. My favorite is the Le Preuire deMontezarguel Tavel, a lovely rose that usually goes for ten bucks a pop. Pair one of the wines with Broening's duck lover liver mousse, which is also $5 during happy hour (so is the lamb sausage, smoked duck breast, boudin blanc and prosciutto) and you've got a sigh-inducing snack before dinner.

Dinner: Black Pearl, 1529 South Pearl Street, is in my 'hood, which is one reason why I frequent the place, but even if I couldn't stumble there and back, I'd still go for the weekly-changing, three course tasting menus, which are always priced at $33 per person. This week, the board includes a poached apricot and goat cheese salad; roasted pork tenderloin with a grilled peach and blackberry compote; and mixed fruit pudding with berries. Call 303-777-0500 to book.

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Lori Midson
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