Tonight: No tricks, just tastes on East Colfax

It would be really easy to simply divert you to the Youtube video above and leave it at that, but the constant bleeping of the F-bomb gets annoying -- fast -- and the dude in the video doesn't actually have the fax facts. I do.

And here they are: Tonight, from 5:30 to 9 p.m., fifteen restaurants, bakeries and watering holes along East Colfax, from York Street to Colorado Boulevard, are participating in Tasty Colfax: Eats on the Beat, a food-and-drink sample session, that you, the sampler, can take advantage of for a mere $20, the price of which includes plenty of sustenance and liquids, plus live music at Encore (2550 East Colfax Avenue) and Stella's on Colfax (3201 East Colfax Avenue).

You can buy tickets in advance at several East Colfax ventures, including Lovely Confections Bakery (1489 Steele Street); Hooked on Colfax (3215 East Colfax Avenue); The Shoppe (3103 East Colfax Avenue); and Steve's Snappin' Dogs (3525 E. Colfax Avenue). You can also purchase tickets at www.mycolfaxorg, then print out your receipt and bring it with your credit card to one of the locations listed above for a wristband that will grant you access into all the participating bars and restaurants.

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