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Tony Maciag and Justice League of Street Food pioneer Delores Tronco opening Work & Class on Upper Larimer this fall

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In keeping with the working class concept, the beverage program -- which Maciag knows a lot about from his various bartending gigs around town, including Euclid Hall -- won't focus on the current mixology trend. "The ethos of our bar is simple, and that means no mixology," says Tronco. Instead, Maciag will utilize his beer background to create a strong craft brew lineup backed by keg wines and small batch spirits...served naked or with minimal flourish. "Tony will take a great gin and serve it on the rocks so that guests can discover how great it is without a ton of other ingredients -- we want the spirits to stand on their own, just like the food; we don't want twenty different touches," she says.

A chef's counter and a partially open kitchen will round out the fifty-seat space, and Tronco says that she's ready to see it all come to fruition. "I come from a huge family, and I've wanted to have my own restaurant ever since I was a kid, and while I've had different careers in my life, I've always gone back to restaurants, and we're super-stoked to be a part of the creative, industrial and entrepreneurial character of the North Larimer corridor," she says. "This is really and truly the thing that we most want to do, and we're excited to do it in Denver, plus my brother is moving down from Fort Collins to work with us, and I'm super-excited about that, too."

When it opens, Work & Class will serve dinner Tuesday through Sunday.

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