Tony's cooking class: The bird, the whole bird, and nothing but the bird

Tony's Market is taking a flier tomorrow night, when chef Mark Pletcher will offer an hour-long Chicken 101 cooking class that will teach "how to utilize the whole chicken from roasting to making stock."

It won't be hands-on instruction -- liability issues, he says -- but since the class will be held in the Bistro portion of the store at 950 Broadway, students will be able to get their hands on a beer or glass of wine while they watch Pletcher.

This will be the first in what could be a series of monthly classes at the Tony's on Broadway, which offers special theme dinners and regular live music nights in the Bistro.

The store at 7241 West Bowles in Littleton has been offering classes for years, led by Gerard Van Mourik, a chef with 47 years of experience. Pletcher got his start at that store two years ago, then moved to the Broadway spot, where he's also been expanding the offerings -- don't miss his corned beef hash augmented with store-roasted green chiles, now available in the deli.

But tomorrow night will be all about chicken. Pletcher plans to demonstrate how to take a whole chicken -- "something people might be intimidated by, but much less expensive," he says -- and bone it to get "full utilization of a bird."

Tuition is $10; for more information, call 720-880-4501.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.