Tony's, Tony's, Tony's!

Tony's, Tony's, Tony's: A market on Broadway

The sign is up across the street: Tony’s Market opening early 2009.

It’s a sight for sore eyes at Westword, where for a month now we’ve been staring across the street at 950 Broadway, with its boarded-up broken glass and the remains of the Planned Parenthood sign, which was haphazardly removed sometime in July after the organization sold its longtime headquarters and moved to a new, much larger facility near Stapleton).

Tony’s, a much-loved butcher, deli and market owned by the Rosacci family, has held court in south Denver and the southern suburbs for more than thirty years. And earlier this year, it announced it was opening up a store downtown. Where?

But it recently announced it is heading uptown. Where?

As revealed last month, Tony's is going in across the street -- complete with a bistro serving wine and beer (yay). The artist’s rendering above is a somewhat preliminary sketch for what the building is supposed to look like after renovations are complete. But the appearance of that sign alone is enough to give us hope.

For more on Tony’s, the building’s new owner, Hyder Construction, and Westword’s original stories, click here and here. – Jonathan Shikes

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