Top Five Best and Worst Things Dunkin' Donuts Has Ever Made

Today Dunkin' Donuts is launching its version of the fading fad-tastic cronut, simply named the Croissant Donut (creativity, naming and trend-necromancy fail). At $2.49 each -- the usual single donut price is around a buck -- the extra dough lands your croissant donut in a fancy box. Fancy packaging is great and all, but is there any chance this cro-Dunk-nut will last past the initial novelty? The Double-D has a track record of offering either epically amazing or super-meh products, so it's a timely toss-up.

Here are five of the best and worst things Dunkin' Donuts has ever made. Maybe if they bring back the "Time to make the donuts!" ads, customers might slink back into Dunkin' from the artisan doughnut shops.

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Jenn Wohletz
Contact: Jenn Wohletz