Top five Super Bowl commercials of all time

You can agree to disagree, but Sunday's Super Bowl left much to be desired. The spread was wide, all of the commercials seemed to be created by a sleep-deprived schizophrenic coming off of a Ritalin bender, and The Who should clearly never perform again. Ever.

We'll chalk it up as a wash, but hopefully the following list of the top five drink and food-related Super Bowl commercials of all time will assist you in getting that weird taste out of your mouth.

5. Budweiser: Wazzup Bar rats and frat boys everywhere had a hard time letting this one go for months afterward. And we can't really blame them.

4. Budweiser: The Bud Bowl Budweiser takes the cake. For the most part, these commercials were just as exciting as the game itself.

3. McDonald's: Bird versus Jordan Larry Bird and Michael Jordan play a game of HORSE for a Big Mac. Enough said.

2. Reebok's Terry Tate: Office Linebacker Terry Tate is the badass that makes sure if you kill the Joe, you make some mo'. You know that, baby.

1. The Budweiser Frogs Bud. Weis. Er. If you don't remember this, you were likely living in a cave in 1995.

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